Online Accordion Lesson – 30 minutes (+15 free for your first lesson)

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Do you like our music? Or do you just like the Accordion? Oh, what is that you say? …. You want to master the accordion?!?! That’s awesome! All you need is a computer/laptop/smartphone with an internet connection and a mic+webcam. The one and only Tom van Aarle can help you improve your technique, play a few nice tunes or master your scales and chords. He’ll provide you with the sheet music you need or helps you for maintaining your accordion.

As a bonus you’ll get 15 minutes extra for your first lesson!

Lessons are planned with Tom himself and are given on Skype or Zoom, whatever you prefer.

Tip: You can also give an accordion lesson to a friend! Just ask us to send you a coupon for your friend:)


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