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Jolly Gents

The Jolly Gents, aka: Sjoerd van Ravenzwaaij and Tom van Aarle, are an uptempo Folk banjo and accordion duo from the Netherlands. They met in early 2014 while working on a theatre show for the band ‘Acting the Maggot’, a band that both Artists are current members. During one of the tours of the band, Tom and Sjoerd shared a hotelroom and, as they like to tell the story, ‘a romantic moment was had where notes and keys where put in dubious places’ … so the idea of performing together as a duo was born. After performing under the name ‘Sjoerd & Tom’ for several years, they decided to hit the international market. A new name was needed and with a bit of help, “The Jolly Gents” emerged. They will release their debut album of twanging, pumping folky goodness via  Friendly Folk Records.

The Jolly Gents duo is a side-project for these talented Artists. You can also enjoy the music and anctics of Tom and Sjoerd in the folk punk rock band ‘ Acting The Maggot‘. Sjoerd is also frontman for the Celtic folk rock band,  Harmony Glen. Both bands are based in the Netherlands.

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